Getting Started Web Site Design

Getting Started Web Site Design

Getting Started Web Site Design and the things you will need in order for Canada Web Page Design to start building your custom made web page. Here is a list of suggestions that you should go and easily set up in order for CND Web Page Design to start in on the creation process. If you need help accomplishing these things please contact us in order to be provided assistance but all in all you should have no problem accomplishing this with little to no trouble.

#1 Web Site Host / Server

Canada web Page Design uses and recommends for any and all website hosting and serving plans. GoDaddy is inexpensive, reliable and has the best customer support in the world. Setting up an account and choosing products for your website is fast and easy. Please visit:

We recommend the “Ultimate” plan. After sign up we can help customize your GoDaddy hosting plan for you.

There are also other companies like and Host Gator.

#2 Google Gmail Account

You will need a pre-existing or new Google Gmail account. A Gmail account is the hub and key components for all of the Google tools such as Web Master Tools, Google Business, Email, SEO, AdWords, Adsense and more. A Gmail account will control all the things needed to run and maintain a great web site. Sign up for Gmail Here:

#3 Content

You will need content such as:

  • Company Logo
  • Large pictures (Products)
  • Information in word format: Detailed product descriptions, bio, info.
  • Company Information: Address, Email,Phone Number.
  • Graphics
  • Buttons

Canada Web Page Design specializes in Graphics, Logo Design Photography and Content Creation.

#4 Storage / Sending Content

The perfect way to send and store content is using a free cloud service such as: Google Drive | Microsoft One Drive | DropBox

#5 Payment Gateway

In order to pay for Canada Web Page Design services along with the ability to sell products or services of your own online you will need a PayPal Account. Sign up for a free account so you can sell products online in a safe secure manner. PayPal handles all the leg work of financial transactions and allows you to receive funds from around the world.

#6 eCommerce Store Front

The perfect platform to sell products online is Shopify. Sign up for an account and we can integrate your website into the Shopify platform allowing you to sell products and services online with your own store. Sign Up to Shopify Here. CND Web Page Design specializes in Shopify store construction, maintenance and management.

#7 Advertising Online

In order to advertise online or have CND Web Page Design set up and manage an Advertising Campaign you will need a Google AdWords and Facebook accounts. Your accounts must be in good standing order and linked to a payment system like a credit card or PayPal account in order to buy advertising space on the network.

Google AdWords Facebook Ad Campaigns Made for Your Business