Facebook Advertising Campaign A to Z

December 14, 2016 Brad Surgeson

Everything Needed to Run a Successful Facebook Campaign

Facebook Advertising Campaign Set Up and Management Services Available.

Facebook Advertising Campaign

Company Overview

Facebook Advertising Campaign. The first thing Canada Web Page Design will do is learn about your company as a whole and the basics that it consists of. We investigate your products, services, brand, motto’s and the all around  components that make up your company on the outside taking into special consideration the general look and sale ability your business brings to the table.

In depth Workings

After examining your company from the outside we strive to gain an understanding of what type of sales figures you have with regard to your services and products. Some key points of interest are: Can you meet supply and demand? Is your company being represented in the right kind of way visually. What type of people buy your products? Are you able to keep up with maximum generated business? These are only some of the things we look for and the reason being is that from there we can determine a companies strength and weaknesses, if a company is able to handle more business and what a company might have to work on before taking on more customers.

“We can Customize the perfect Ad Campaign for you”.


It is important to know what your objective is. Do you want to increase sales? Are you looking to promote something? Do you want likes, followers or members? Once again there are many asspects to consider when running a campaign and it is important to have a solid foundation of a companies objective in mind first so as that once in play a campaign can focus on accomplishing those objectives.


You will need a personal Facebook account a Facebook advertising account and a Facebook business page all linked up  to get started with a campaign. We provide complete set up of all those things and ideally it is best you have either a credit card or PayPal payment methods backing your campaigns financial activities.

Facebook Advertising Campaign

The content on your Facebook business page is important if we choose to direct people there so contact info, business information, product and services info and pictures will all be required. We offer the best in graphic design and can work with you in order to properly brand your company. A professional looking business page is the key to product sales and without it most people will not be inclined to do business with you.

Landing Page / Content

You can direct people to a landing page outside of Facebook that highlights products, contains eCommerce and most importantly has a built in contact form that captures leads. Leads can also be linked to complex email campaigns providing people who sign up daily emails with promotions or information. Video is another very important aspect of a landing page as it provides a great way for a person to get information about your services without having to do a lot of reading.

We provide complete set up and construction of landing pages from server side hosting to graphic and content design. Your landing page will be completely Search Engine Optimized in order to take full advantage of organic searches. Learn More


Video, Graphics and most important informative text are all things that make up a campaign. We brand your visuals providing eye catching displays and compliment your ads with text that gives the viewer an understanding of your product and the desire to click on your ad. The guess work has already been ironed out so as that we do not need to run multiple campaigns in order to determine what ads work. Our experience proves we know how to target right off the bat and complete knowledge of your company gives us the ability to go strong right out of the gate. This keeps campaign cost down and maximizes Facebook Advertising Campaign resources.

Reporting and Customization

Based on analytical reporting we can determine if your ads are being interacted with and if they are reaching the targeted audience in a way that is providing you with the maximum bang for your buck. Altering a campaign and customizing it in a way so as that you are saving money and getting the results you desire is our main objective.

Blog / Post / Inform

Staying on top of the information trends and related business findings then posting those findings to your landing page, social networking sites and blog are all great things that make up a successful campaign. Keeping your audience informed and entertained at the same time can keep them coming back and in most cases makes them want to share your content. Like, Follow, Sign Up or Join are objectives that allow you to maintain a strong client base and inevitably land sales.

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